Authenticity. Freedom. Life Experience.

I love sharing my story, and enjoy educating others about how emotional eating is not always wrong. But when it becomes a problem, it can significantly affect a person’s life, and freedom is truly possible.

What you’ll learn:

  • When emotional eating becomes a problem
  • How eating rhythms can affect your cravings and eating habits
  • How macro- and micronutrient balance can affect your overeating
  • How to set realistic and obtainable boundaries
  • How to make small, doable changes that can be life altering
  • Tips and tricks for sustainable, healthy living

Who can benefit:

  • Those struggling with emotional eating/ food addiction
  • Family members concerned about someone who has a food problem
  • Churches wanting to help men and women in the struggle
  • Gyms or health clubs who offer educational classes to members
  • Health care professionals
  • Middle schools and high schools

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