Join us for 10 days of clean eating!

This is a guided 10-day program based on eating clean, seasonal, whole food, and eliminating common food sensitivities.

We want to empower you to make optimal decisions for your health and reduce fatigue, sugar cravings, under-active metabolism, and stress.

Participants love the group enthusiasm, accountability, and the recipes that they use way beyond the program.

You can participate from anywhere and on your own time, or in our next group program. Feel free to hop in any time that is convenient to you!

We have a team of health and fitness coaches that will be guiding you through your 10-day journey on our online community. Experts include: personal trainers, natural and raw food chefs, life coaches, emotional eating coaches (that’s me!), passionate foodie moms, marathoners, triathletes, and yoga instructors!

Next SHRED10 start date: January 13th

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