Vicky H.

“I contacted Hunter after years of struggling with emotional and binge eating. I had tried traditional therapy which didn’t help at all. Multiple attempts to figure myself out and apply rules or guidelines to my eating were always temporary and ended with overeating and bingeing. I was so tired of being stuck in this cycle. When I reached out to Hunter it was like a breath of fresh air! Finally someone understood and had been through the emotional roller coaster I had been living on for so long. It was so easy for me to be open and 100 percent honest with Hunter because of her own struggles and lack of judgement. She equipped me with tools to manage emotions before I turned to food and helped me to understand which foods I should avoid that may trigger bingeing. It was also incredibly helpful to have accountability with Hunter and know I could call on her in the moment if I needed support.

Since working with Hunter I have been binge free. It was a process and I learned so much. I feel lighter;, Hunter has definitely lightened my load! I would highly recommend Hunter to anyone wanting to change eating patterns that have become more than they can change on their own.”

Laurie D.

“I first met with Hunter expecting her to give me a plan and fix me. I’d tried and failed numerous “diets” and thought maybe if I met with someone one-on-one, it would work. The goal, the constant goal, was to lose weight and to deal with my sugar addiction. Not really knowing much about Hunter, I was pretty gutsy at our first meeting and told her that I eat like a five year old: Cheetos, any chocolate and peanut butter combination, Coke, and more Chick-fil-A nuggets than you can imagine.

“I told her all of that and told her all of the ‘diets’ I had failed. I’m good at starting. I wait for a Monday or a new month. I choose a plan, and eat my heart out until the start date. And I crash and burn days, hours, or minutes into my new plan. My “Whole 30” lasted a whole 30 hours and I was done. Weight Watchers was another big fail because I got a kidney stone in month one and lost weight from that episode and WW treated me like I had conquered all kinds of goals. They sent me prizes and made me a lifetime member, which I failed to keep up because you have to keep the weight off. And since I didn’t have another kidney stone, those pounds didn’t stay gone for long! 

“I first met with Hunter thinking that she was going to give me some magical plan that would fix my weight and food issues. I wanted rules and accountability so maybe I could actually stick to something other than my bag of junk food. She listened to my personal story and knew what I needed first. What I needed was NOT what I wanted. I did NOT need another plan to fail or more rules to break. Her first hand experience with her own health puts her in a unique position to help, coach, and cheer for me as I walk, crawl, limp, or run this journey with my own health.  And if I quit, I know that I can meet with her and she will not think less of me but will somehow encourage me to care again. Hunter has valuable tools and knowledge that she makes available to me on my terms. She isn’t pushing me to change quickly. She isn’t shoving rules or plans or products at me. She’s simply available to help, ready to listen, and always able to encourage. My time with Hunter has been well spent. I know I am making progress with my overall health because writing this is not pushing me to reward myself with a drink from QT. Although, now that I mention it…”

Laurie M.

“I met Hunter during an event in Greenville. I was searching for vendor events for my job in the Pendleton/Clemson area. I did not start off at the beginning looking for a wellness coach or searching topics about binge eating, but God has a unique way of putting people in your life at the correct time and place. The one thing that I believe caught my attention that day was the phrase “emotional eating”. I have struggled with food and weight all my life. 

“The meeting that day was insightful, and Hunter shared her personal experience with emotional eating, the good and bad habits and her journey through life. I connected with her on several things she spoke about that day.

“I enjoyed having Hunter as a coach because it gave me perspective on things that I didn’t see and a friendship that I needed during that time in my life. We related to one another on so many levels. 

My binge eating has lessened dramatically these days because I am accountable to myself. I think it through and if I do slip-up, there is not a ton of guilt like before. I find myself making conscious decisions and thinking things through. I still have slip-ups, but I don’t condemn myself like before.  I just start over and realize it’s a new day and begin again. 

“If you are looking for ways to change your life or need someone who has walked through your shoes—If you want someone to HEAR the Real YOU – then I would call Hunter Cardinal.  I am confident she would love to help you.”

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