Hi, I’m Hunter.

I’m a Certified Emotional Eating Coach, and I want to help you be free of emotional eating, overeating, and binge eating. 

With years of firsthand experience in the world of food obsession, I’ve got the tools you need to find freedom and hope.

How can I help you get started?

My Story

Emotional eating, overeating, and binge eating aren’t theoretical concepts to me. They are a part of my story. But they don’t define me as a person. Read more here about how I’m using this story to help others find joy and freedom, one step at a time.


I’ve developed a tool kit to help you (and me!) with issues surrounding food obsession. It does not have to own you. When you use the right tools, you set yourself up for success. Let me help you gather the resources you need to do just that.

Let’s Talk!

Shame emerges when we hide our struggles; vulnerability lets the light in and gives us hope. If you are struggling with food and weight obsession, you are not alone. Talking to a trained professional like me can help you find the freedom you so desperately want and need.

About Me

I’m a Certified Emotional Eating Coach here to serve you! I love to educate and connect with those struggling with food and weight obsession or who want to know more about how to talk about this issue.

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